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Freestyle in a few words ... 

Freestyle is a concept involved in many sports disciplines.

This desire for freedom is the result of practitioners wishing to test their limits beyond a constrained framework.

This is all the more true in board sports such as for example traditional figure skating, an often elitist and highly codified sport.

The appearance of Freestyle was therefore made during public sessions where urban dance developed according to the musical titles played by the DJ.

Our history

David Guillemot is a French professional skater, choreographer and director.

He is  one of the founders of the Freestyle on ice movement: a style of skating combining traditional sliding and the practice of urban disciplines.

He puts on his ice skates for the first time with his elementary school. It will be noticed for

his agility and very quickly join a figure skating club in the competition section.  


His unique approach to ice cream and his Essonnian roots will allow him to rub shoulders with

pioneers and masters in various urban disciplines; whether in rollerblading, parkour, breakdance and Urban Dance.

Twenty years later, David is recognized as a pioneer for his innovative, committed and completely authentic work with an atypical professional career that will have led him to change the image of skating. He has collaborated on ice creams all over the world with the biggest names in skating for exceptional projects.  

To democratize its discipline, it will develop from 2012 its educational material to educate and initiate in public sessions.


In 2015, he was approached by the French Federation of Ice Sport to become the first project manager for "The diversity of new practices on ice".

He will propose the development of the disciplines of Ice cross and the return of barrel vaulting.


The choreography and staging of Freestyle On Ice artists is an important part of his work.  

Our commitment 

Our desire is above all to break the divides of traditional skating by bringing freshness 

and lightness in practice with professional guidance.


Our interventions are above all participatory and in connection with the public.


Our ambition is to develop a practice of fun skating, accessible to the greatest and in complete safety with a pedagogy adapted to each one.


And all this around our founding values which are Benevolence, Solidarity and Respect.  

With a key word that sums up our philosophy of life: AMBIANCE!

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