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Being well surrounded to start and progress is essential.

So now take advantage of a team of professional skaters who are delighted to pass on their knowledge to advance our beautiful discipline.

Initiation patinage - Freestyle On Ice


The first moments of gliding are crucial.

It is therefore important to make it a pleasant moment.

And as much to tell you that after having trained generations of future skaters, we have feedback on the subject.


Playful and fun moment, we have developed our own methodology with workshops designed to promote understanding of the interaction between body and ice .

Our pedagogy is therefore intended for all beginners.


Already addicted to Freestyle and want to progress ?

We are also here for that!


Listening , we adapt to provide personalized support .


Freestyle On Ice Academy includes training modules with very specific themes:

-Development of musicality

-Creation of an artistic universe

-Managing emotions

-A physical training




Formats adapted to your needs:

-Training seminar

 -Custom coaching


An à la carte program already approved by professionals and individuals .

187 skaters trained to date

Stage patinage freestyle sur glace pour enfants et adultes - Freestyle On Ice



Cauterets du 21 Octobre au 25 Octobre 2023

Clique sur le bouton pour accéder au dossier d'inscription 

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