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Freestyle On Ice,
the guarantee of an unprecedented glide,
fun, secure and accessible to all!

An actor in the world of ice for 15 years, Freestyle On Ice is a collective of professional skaters combining creativity, freedom, sharing and commitment.

Freestyle On Ice entertainment


We are going to show you that in the field of Skiing, creativity has no limits!

Young and old alike will discover during our Shows and events the meaning of the word FreeStyle ...

And we guarantee that it will make them want to get started!

The Freestyle Academy 

Sliding in all its new forms,

it can be learned and shared ...And we, precisely, we love pass on our know-how.

So, ready to put on the skates with us?

A helping hand" in your farm


The operation of a sliding site (Ice or synthetic) calls for many skills.

And on this point, we can support you from A to Z by providing the right advice that makes the difference .

About Freestyle On Ice


And if not, do you know the history of Freestyle on Ice and our collective of skaters?

  Come on, we'll tell you a little more here, follow us! 

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